Recent repairs

Alienware Deep Clean

We had a customer say his computer was running slower than when he bought it 2 years ago. We took it apart and gave it a deep cleaning. We also replace the thermal paste for the GPU (graphics card) and CPU (processor). Click the “Start a Repair” button to get your laptop deep cleaned!

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Lenovo Carbon X1 Keyboard Replacement

We got a Lenovo with several keyboard issues, we decided the best option was to replace the entire keyboard. It was a bit tedious, but absolutely worth it! Picture above shows the laptop before keyboard replacement. Picture above shows the laptop with the new keyboard! Click the “Start a Repair” button to get your keyboard…

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Dell Screen Repair

Picture above shows the cracked screen. Picture above shows the laptop after we replaced the screen with a beautiful new one! Screen Repair on Dell Inspiron: success! Click “Start a Repair” button to begin your screen repair!

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MSI Laptop Hinge Repair

We recently did a hinge repair on an MSI laptop. Sometimes you can just glue the hinge back, not this time. We ended up having to replace the top plate. Which works out better for style and functionality! Finished the repair within 24 hours of receiving the part!

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HP Spectre Screen Repair

A customer brought a laptop by that got dropped. Very cracked screen! We ordered a screen and replaced it. It took some heat gun and new electronics tape, but we got the job done within 2 days of receiving the screen. Here is a picture of the laptop with the replaced screen and in my…

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