What’s New? ft. CRT-01 Entry 1

I, Zach Nelson, owner of Sammamish Computer Repair, am a dabbler. I dabble in many technical, creative, athletic ventures, you name it. I have written blogs in the past. I spent a few months in Ecuador in 2018. I wrote articles on https://earthspacenstuff.wordpress.com.

I have not written since. I woke up on Sunday morning feeling the need to write down everything that was going on in my life and what I wanted to achieve in the next couple years. As I wrote, I realized I missed writing. And if you’re still reading this, thank you, that means someone thinks I’m a good enough writer to capture you for at least 15 seconds.

SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Is a funny little bugger that so many who run a business are dying to crack. The reality is that when you want your business to be found online, easily, by the right people, you pay money for ads. But there has to be a free way right? It’s the internet is it not. SEO. That’s where SEO comes in.

So writing for me has a two-fold purpose. 1. motivating me to wake up at 7am and write for a few minutes before 8am rolls around and I have to do other stuff. Waking up at 7am is good. I am a morning person that has lost his way during the pandemic and is trying to get his life turned around. Thank you, thank you. You can stop applauding now. 2. create content for https://sammamishcomputer.repair so people on the eastside of Seattle, WA can more easily find me online and drop their computers off with me to get repaired, thus financing my life, thus making me smile that I can do something I love to make a living.

Side note, I will be creating a website for the music I make. Artist name: tazey way. There I will also write articles more geared towards music and my creative side as small as it may be. I live in the creative shadow of my sisters who are very talented artists. But I love music so here we are.

What will I be writing about Sir Henry Sir Henry?

The Chronicles of CRT-01

CRT-01. Computer Repair Technician 01.

I tired of just the short boring before’s and after’s for my website SEO. I want to write something interesting. EDIT: attempt to be interesting.

So, I’m going to write a sci-fi.

Introduction, wait no, Chapter 1 (forgot, I don’t read the intro’s so why should I write one, moving on…):

“CPU… What is it?” Asked Stan. Basic Computation Professor at High Bay University. It’s called High Bay, because it’s located near the north most space port in North America. Well nothing actually launches because, like I said it’s far North and that doesn’t bode well for space launches. Not sure why but most space ports are closer to the equator.

“Central Processing Unit” exclaimed the entire class except CRT-01.

“CRT-01 if I could see you after  class” Stan broadcasted.

The “computer dissected” poster staring me down as I walk to the front of the class.

“ED wants to talk to you” said Stan. Three-eyed ED as we call him is Stan’s assistant teacher bot provided as a “mandatory beneficial education tool, to train the next generation” AKA a spy that kicks out losers so that High Bay has the highest marks possible.

“Your eyes for the sky should not interfere with class participation CRT-01. Focus your mind or your future will fall like a promising satellite that de-orbits and burns in the atmosphere.” Stated ED in his deep semi-robotic voice.

BARK BARK BARK. BARK BARK. I rub my eyes as I wake. The family dog Milly, named after… well actually, I have no idea what she’s named after. I knew ED couldn’t know I was thinking about –

“Mijo there’s somebody at the door, they need to scan your holodeck, do you know anything about this” yelled my mother.

End of Entry 1

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